An Interview with Ryan Worsley

Ryan Worsley has been with Plexipixel since spring of 2007, working both as a Web Producer and Graphic Designer. When she's not scanning CSS code or designing games for the Zune, Ryan somehow finds time to create beautifully rendered paintings of buildings and cityscapes . Working with oils on canvas and glass, her paintings showcase a rich attention to detail and a love of her craft that is both stunning and inspiring. Ryan received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 1998, and has shown paintings and films throughout Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Her work has been seen at COCA, the Lo-Fi Gallery, 911 Media Arts Center, and the AntiMatter Film Festival in Victoria, BC.

Ryan's latest show is at Zeitgeist coffee in Pioneer Square on Thursday, January 8th, from 6-8pm.

Architecture definitely has a big influence on you. Are there specific architects/buildings/time periods that appeal to you?

I love the Warwick hotel on 4th avenue in Seattle. It's a sort of awkward looking 60's design with octagonal windows. I like Marina towers in Chicago, Centrepoint building in London for the same reasons. Sometimes I work from photographs of buildings I've never seen in person, and when I happen upon them, it's like spotting a celebrity.

Ryan Worsley, San Francisco Painting

How do you feel your work as a fine artist influences your work as a graphic designer?

I suppose I always approach a project thinking primarily about color and composition, and probably more often use these things to solve issues.

What other artists influence you?

Well, I have books featuring Edward Hopper, Gerhardt Richter, Andy Warhol, John Singer Sargent, and all those heavy hitters. Nowadays I prefer to troll flickr or blogs. Currently my favorite painters usually do work that is incredibly different from mine....I like fantastic fantasy outsider art, but I don't incorporate it into my stuff (I don't think). But I like anything that is simple and pretty.

Have you been to the Edward Hopper exhibit at SAM yet?

I haven't made it there yet but I'm going this week. So much to do....

Are there any current favorites you'd like to mention from your blog and flickr trolling?

This is one of my favorite blogs: (Warning! Some of the images are not workplace appropriate.) I actually find a lot of my flickr pools from this blog. Unfortunately I don't save them, so I have no idea what they were. Sorry!

Who do you think has had the greatest influence on your work?

It's hard to say at this point. I suppose anybody who has ever told me they liked something I did.

Ryan Worsley, Red Building

Working at graphic design 8 + hours a day can be creatively exhausting. What keeps you inspired and motivated to pursue your artistic goals?

It's like eating well...all about creating good habits. Periods of non-creating are usually due to lapse in diligence. You crave the same foods you eat, I always say, and I think its true.

I think other aspiring artists and designers would love to know...what are those good habits? Or is this a situation that if you told us you'd have to kill us?

My secret is to wake up early and just pick up a brush and fill in some shape with some color. Its easier to work when I'm not trying to figure out what to do next, and morning is the easiest time to do that. Plus whatever you look at or start is on your mind until the following morning.

How was your experience at RISD, and how do you feel it helped prepare your for the fields of fine art / graphic design?

RISD was a very DIY school. I went from '94 - '98 so right when I graduated people were starting to really actually use e-mail. Flash websites were popping up and video production was starting to be accessible to the consumer. I paid more attention to video since that was my major, but I learned how to walk the line between technology and ideas. A person can either spend all of their time and energy updating and learning the newest and latest or executing their ideas in the best possible way. One of my classmates became a super 8 film artist, one invented their own software called Processing. I think I'm trying to figure out my own balance.

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  1. It was great seeing these in person – I really enjoy your work on glass. It reminds me of animation cels with matte paintings – very beautiful.

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