Sports Hack Day Post-Mort

Hackers hard at work Saturday morning at #sportshackday

David and Amber giving some UX/UI advice behind a large wood pillar

After every project, we gather feedback from team on what went well and what can be improved for next time.  This feedback informs how our process and communication is evolved.

Here's a little peek into our Post-Mort for Sports Hack Day 2013.

What We Did Well

  • Work with the client when their creative direction changes—client is king!
  • Great balance between giving the client a “corporate” logo but lobbying for more personality and guiding our expertise over the design
  • Recommended the site fonts, colors and direction even though we didn’t design the site layout
  • Excited to help out the greater design community and support our client events
  • Tout our own horn to make sure we maintain our client network, get our logo on the site, post up our sign at the event, etc.

 Areas for Improvement

  • Make sure all stakeholders are involved in the initial “project” kickoff—Initial conversation with Jon didn’t include Carter and his expectations were very different.
  • Since the project is pro bono it’s inevitable we want to do our best on the work with the highest quality and standards, however, it would be great to do a “schedule” and estimate of hours before starting the project. This way the actuals would benchmark the dollars spent against a projected budget amount.
  • Bring laptops! Did not discuss going beyond the “mentor” role and actual think about creating assets for them to use. Of course, this is difficult to do for multiple teams and would have needed a design to join a team all weekend but, something to consider.
  • Bring business cards to pass out and also provide when designers were asked if they had one. If no cards, then at least some swag so people in the teams could remember us when they went home.
  • Consider bringing a smaller group of mentors and if interested, designers can join hack teams for the entire event.

Quotes from the Street Team

"It’s a unique event which we have not had experience with."

"It was flattering to be invited to support an event like this by some really smart, connected folks."

"It was a fun event. The food was good. I liked tweeting and getting followed by random people. It was very geeky in a good way. I thought it was awesome to be involved at the level we were at. Of course part of me really wanted to help these guys by busting out Photoshop and doing it for them, but this way we were able to get a glimpse of the ideas from a lot of the teams and help out in small ways. "

"We spent a lot of time not doing much; it seemed like maybe the teams had some level of anxiety about showing us their work, asking for feedback, or just do to general time constraints."

"To actually help out teams significantly I think we would have needed to be there for the whole event, with computers, etc. In the end as ‘design consultants’ I suppose we achieved about as much as we could have been expected to."

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