Stuff We Are Pretty Likely To Do In 2012

OK, so we very well could have done a New Year’s post on all the worst marketing campaigns of 2011 or all our favorite advergames for the year but instead, we are ready to look forward. No predictions for digital marketing or resolutions for the New Year—let’s face it, the word “resolution” is no longer synonymous with anything that involves actual resolve thanks to all those unfulfilled hours on the elliptical. Instead we created a list of “Stuff We Are Pretty Likely To Do In 2012 Barring Unforeseen Circumstances or Last Minute Sales at ThinkGeek.” It’s about the small steps you take to make something great; all the little pixels that make up the big picture. So here it goes, this is about what next year is going to look like for the Plexipeeps:

Be More Respectful of the Creative Process:We refuse to beat ourselves up for using our own unique methods to draw from our collective well of creativity. Home-made fudge, cheap beer and our monthly all-studio Bad Movie Night are all acceptable ways to get the artistic juices flowing; the ends justify the means in this case.

Stop Buying Random Gadgets: And start buying “tools” instead. This better validates their purchase, though it becomes rather problematic when explaining how an R/C Copter could be considered a legitimate business expense.

Eliminate Sarcasm in the Office: Not really, we were being sarcastic.

Build a Bunker: Not because the world is supposed to end in 2012, but because we are pretty sure deep-fried zucchini is going to make an epic come-back and before the increase in demand creates an apocalyptic shortage, we will need a place to stock-pile our veggie oil and zukes.

Attend Some Awesome Events: There are tons of amazing events in the PacNW for 2012, and we can’t wait to attend some of them—from interactive film festivals to marketing conferences and some mouth-watering food fairs, we are feeling pretty lucky to live so close to all this action.

Hug Our Clients More Often: Our clients are what make this a fun and engaging process for us, each project brings its own thrills and challenges to the table. We think you guys are awesome, and what better way to show you than a great big bear-hug? But if you’d prefer that we just keep making you totally rad digital marketing assets we could just stick to that. At least a high-five, then?

Keep Doin’ How We Do: Only better. And with slightly more deep-fried zucchinis…

Now that’s a recipe for success, if we may say so ourselves. We can’t wait to share in a great 2012 with all of you, so please be safe this coming Saturday and have a Happy New Year!

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Author: Nikki

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