Sometimes There's Just Too Much Junk in Your...: With the importance of being able to view websites across not just different platforms but increasingly across different devices, we found that there was a gap in tools available for truncating text dynamically and intelligently.


Go! Go! Dev Team Force: Our team of whip smart and smart a$$ed developers put their brains together and came up with a crazy and yet oh so practical idea.  They decided that creating a jQuery plugin that would allow for text to be either dynamically truncated, resized or wrapped would help developing some of those beautiful responsive designs that our Design team creates easier and smarter.  The added bonus is that we can also use the same plugin for when we're are on the hook for localizing some of the websites and applications we develop.


One Size Now Fits Most: We developed a lightning-fast optimization algorithm for our jQuery plugin that limits contents of target elements to a single line, reduces fonts size before truncating or even increase font size if space is available or allowing for font size reduction and word wrap when possible.  Since the code is available on Github, any web developer harnessing the dynamic power of Badonkatrunc for their responsively designed sites and applications or even for when localization is necessary.