McGraw-Hill came to Plexipixel to design and develop the next generation of create innovative, engaging, and non-traditional instructional assets.  The Center for Digital Innovation team knew that in order to continue reaching K-12 students, they needed to support the influx of devices in the educational environment that no longer support plugins like Adobe Flash.


Our team came up with several fun immersive interactive activities to help teach students key elements of geometry to cover Common Core Standards.  The teams combined and settled on an HTML5 activity that would help kids learn concepts like “reflect” and “translate” in a fun, graphical way.


Without the use of a plugin technology like Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight, we had to push the boundaries of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript while making sure that there were downlevel experiences for older browsers.  We also enabled flexible updating of the content through a CMS.  Let’s not forget that our designers had to ensure that students wouldn’t get lost in the interface—the content should be challenging enough.  And we knew we wanted to look and feel to be entincing and well, just fun.


The content for the application would be updated by non-technical staff and had to support a considerable amount of scenarios within the Common Core Standards.  Plexipixel has integrated CMS systems for clients from Pokemon International to MSN Games to Azure and although the environment and technology differs, one thing remains a common theme, our clients have said consistently “entering content just makes sense!”  Business goals don’t just get met on the day the site is launched.  We help make it easy to keep content fresh.