Back in the day (we're talking all the way back to 2011, folks), Microsoft asked us to design something a little whimsical and not overly corporate for their new Microsoft Developer Camps sites. So we did and Microsoft was happy. Then this thing called "modern design" came along with his pal "responsive" and the little HTML5 site we had designed just 1.5 years before seemed, well, ancient.


Designing a site that took the latest design and development best practices into account was no small feat but the request for a site that "doesn't look stodgy" made this an especially fun challenge. First we worked out UX and transition designs through wireframes. All the while keeping desktop, tablet and phone into consideration. I mean you can't build one site for Windows Phone, Windows Azure, Office & Sharepoint and Web developers without supporting all of the Windows devices.


We integrated the flat "modern design" aesthetics for the UI then added a layer of paper craft elements. Responsive design was a must to support the Windows devices. And most importantly, the code had to be on-point to avoid the developer audience's tough scrutiny.


Our site pulls content from data sources via Azure for dynamic update of schedules while allowing for simple updates straight in the code to add new instructors or the latest video.