A Grand New Adventure: The folks at Pokémon wanted to do something distinctive to showcase their two new films based off of the most recent generation, Black and White. With the huge popularity of the cards and video game (which has become the fastest selling DS game to date) we were challenged to create something really cool to support the highly-anticipated and unique movie release. The two plot-lines run parallel to each other with one movie being released in limited theaters across the US and the other premiering on Cartoon Network in early December. They asked that we present the two in a way that would bring them together while highlighting the differences.


The Best of Both Worlds: Though the story-lines primarily move together, the two different legendary Pokémon characters—Zekrom and Reshiram—make for two different adventures. To illustrate this dichotomy within the plot while keeping branding consistent, we pitched the idea of a seamless web-experience between the two different sites. Since a lot of us here at Plexipixel are Pokémon fans, our inspiration nearly leapt onto the screen. The design team immediately began sketching a view of the slider that separates the experiences within the page, which the devs implemented smoothly for the final launch. With the client’s audience in mind, we outlined some features that would be visually stimulating and provide enough background to get them energized for the debut of the films.


Features for Discerning Fans: The client’s young but rather tech-savvy audience would likely be using a variety of devices to view the site, so we wanted to be sure that the functionality and features were supported across the board. Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 were all utilized to create an interactive experience that was cross-browser compatible. Our developers were challenged to create a site that works well even with the large art assets and lots of transitions and interactivity.  For those on browsers that do not support HTML5, the down-level experience still maintains functionality while pointing the users to an embedded YouTube video. For a little fun, we implemented a built-in puzzle game with prizes such as limited-edition wallpapers and virtual avatar clothing for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. Because of the staying power of Pokémon among their fans, the site features a Facebook “like” tug-of-war between Zekrom and Reshiram for the 13 and over fans. With a few additional features which integrate content from other areas of the Pokémon site, we ended with a happy client who referred to the sites as a "slam dunk."