Imagine being invited to Sierra Nevada's brewery to work with brewers to craft your very own beer. Competition is fierce and the only way you can win is to send in a video that gets enough votes to prove your worthiness (and your love of hops).

Sierra Nevada's most passionate and enthusiastic fans clamber every year for their chance. It seemed clear that we needed to build an app that had to be stable, easy to use and could be utilized across devices and platforms and yet be maintained in one place. Of course, we also had to enable social media features so that the word could be spread organically by the fans themselves.


We designed an eye catching, yet easy to use site that allowed the user to quickly load their video masterpieces through any device or platform they choose.


Using responsive design and HTML5, we designed an enticing site that allowed users to easily submit and view video content as well as vote via desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones or through their Facebook accounts. Amazon's EC2 allowed us to support the video features while allowing for administration of the content through a single administration panel.


Being a beer company, the content has to pass the muster before it's shown to the public (of legal drinking age only, of course). We designed an administration panel that allows for the marketing team over at Sierra Nevada easy reviewing and approval of the videos. The faster a video can be approved, the faster the video goes up, the happier the fan is to spread the word... Capiche?