Breach Old Boundaries: Online content is bigger than ever and media producers are scrambling to keep up with rapidly changing technologies. That’s why we were so excited to partner in the development of SpryHoppr; the nimble new standards-based HTML5 video platform that gives everyone a better view of online content. Beginning as an ambitious solution to a complex problem, SpryHoppr needed a face, a voice and a whole lot of code. Needless to say, just thinking out-of-the-box wouldn’t be enough to get this beauty built—it was time to start from scratch.


Try a New Tack: Merging the skills of our Design and Development teams, we gave direction to the SpryHoppr concept through sleek branding, thoughtful UX/UI and a great deal of highly-functional code. Since we were developing the product around new HTML5 standards and the high expectations of new media consumers, we had to ensure pragmatic yet high-quality delivery that was seamless yet engaging; fashionable yet functional. After years of bringing digital entertainment to mobile and the web, we’ve learned to offer just as much to our end-user as we do our client. Ensuring that the content producers, content viewers and invested advertisers all get what they want from the platform helped us navigate the concepting process with some awesome results.


Hit the Right Pitch: From coding the front-end to interface design, user-experience to social capabilities, we built SpryHoppr from the ground up with simplicity in mind. We implemented SpryHoppr’s patented “adlet” system allowing producers and advertisers to collaborate on contextualized ad experiences that make sense for the viewer. Occasional challenges would arise--ensuring proper flow between the native-sized video player and the adlet or making sure the expansion of the adlet was possible without disturbing the content experience--but each was met by our teams’ well-honed experience in mobile technology and desire to build great products. We also created a ‘playlet’ that allows the viewer to save their experience until the video is over. By integrating social in a way that encourages interaction, sharing with family and friends is meaningful and simple without disrupting the content--almost like second-nature. Our highly-effective streaming methods lower the cost of serving up content while simultaneously discouraging pirating, taking broadcast style media to a more refined, targeted level.


Get a Better View: Instead of droves of superfluous data, SpryHoppr gives content providers appropriately granular metrics beyond demographics of the viewers like calling-out the most responsive content, specifying ‘adlet’ interaction, and even identifying what the audience is most willing to share with their social networks. The right information gets to the right people right when they need.


Killer Scale: SpryHoppr is scalable to meet your needs and there’s no need to re-encode to associate meta content with the video. Should a contract with advertisers end or inventories no longer exist for purchasable items in a video, it’s extremely easy to update externally. In addition, with the social integration AB testing of different ads is easy and even caters ads specific to the demographic of the viewer.